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To increase productivity and advance your organisation, Magtec offers cutting-edge solutions that are customised to your needs.



A mobile app development company that ensures fast implementation and time to market. Your awesome app will be up and running in no time.



Zoom in and out easily. Add new features and improve existing features even after the app is released.



We offer you a complete solution from coding to UI design to deployment and release. You just sit back and enjoy the benefits of your app.

Magtec Solutions

Development Process

With strong expertise in mobile app development, our team can help you create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the best mobile technology for your business.

Process One


Our team of i0S app developers work closely with our clients to make well-informed development decisions to ensure rapid prototype development and quick delivery of a product that fits the apps scope.

Process Two


Right from the killer app idea to the successful faunch, we create a custom app design and evelopment strategy throughout the mobile app development lifecycle to build an app that grabs the attention of your target users.

Process Three


Building a large and engaged user base isthe key to a successful business. By delivering robust and advanced mobile app development solutions, our mobile app development company in Dubai gives your business.

Process Four


Our expert mobile app developers use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to create turnkey mobile app development solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve. The team of mobile application.

Process Five

Maitenance & Support

We have a 24/7 technical support team to build meaningful relationships with our clients by providing full-fledged mobile app development solutions.

Development Services

Android App Development

Our custom-built Android Applications are designed to help businesses and individuals create powerful, user-friendly, and feature-rich mobile applications. Our team of experienced developers has helped over 100+ clients’ business build out their mobile applications from initial research to design, prototyping, and development.

IOS App Development

Are you looking to bring your app idea to life on iOS? Our subject-matter expert team of iOS app developers can turn your vision into a stunning and functional app that users will love. From conceptualization to deployment, we offer end-to-end iOS app development services to help you build a scalable, secure, and user-friendly app.

Why Choose Us?

We Involve you in each and every Stages of the Mobile App Development Journey, so that you can take better Decisions.

Flexible Milestone payment system enables you to pay at the time of each release, which we deliver Every 15 Days.

We Deliver 100% Qualified products which passes several quality checks and Rigorious testing.

Your Products will be crafted by experts who are Veterans in their Specific Domains.
Magtec Solutions

Development Methodology

Our developers and architects have years of experience developing apps for multiple platforms, taking them through the next development process.

We pride ourselves on creating great user interfaces that focus not only on aesthetics but also on the user experience of using an Android app. This includes accessibility, ease and intuitiveness, among others.
We develop the application architecture by carefully planning server and database requirements to keep CPU overhead as low as possible to ensure the application is optimized for speed and responsiveness.
For application development, we choose the best possible technology for the project, such as cache usage and optimized table structures, which provide the fastest results and best scaling capabilities. In addition, depending on the situation, we use SQLite to store data on the device.s
We offer several options for cloud-based development, including Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure, depending on customer requirements, costs, and scalability required by the application.
Our 24/7 NOC team ensures your cloud services are configured for performance and ready for load balancing, replication and scaling. If your application requires a back-end component, you can be sure that experienced developers are up to the task.
We attach great importance to quality assurance in app development. Delivering bug-free builds to our clients is something we take great pleasure in. It is critical to us that your app be as readily authorised and optimised as possible when it is launched on the store.
Magtec Solutions

Why Magtec is Unique?

Mobile phone development and design refers to the processes and procedures involved in installing software on compatible small devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. To keep up with technological advances, online business is not only focused on the big picture. As more and more customers prefer small devices, an organization's online business should be compatible with them to enable a user-friendly user experience. Since regular websites or portals do not fit perfectly on small screens, exclusive mobile applications are needed. Our mobile features include:

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