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Magtec Delivery is an industry favorite among delivery companies in the UAE. It is highly customizable and manages the workflow reliably. Our software provides features that enable safe and timely delivery. The user can manage the activities of the company in real time. This software classifies its users into clients, drivers and drivers based on their use cases by issuing separate mobile applications. The unique features of Magtec Delivery are the result of exceptional industrial know-how applied in all areas.

Complete delivery management software strictly controls courier operations in UAE. Magtec Delivery is an industry favorite among delivery companies in the UAE. It is highly customizable and manages the workflow reliably. Highly customizable packages that cover all your business needs.

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Ainsoft Delivery consists of versatile features that you can just as easily use in the day-to-day operations of your business. In general, we have covered all the characteristics of a local distribution company. We are constantly updating more features based on daily market research and research on more user-friendly operations.
Ainsoft features include,

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide complete IT solutions such as delivery software, applications, online marketing, graphic content, business consulting, auditing and accounting services at a reasonable price.
Our Vision
Our vision is to keep pace with the best delivery software company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with love, care, support, trust and quality products and services.
Magtec Delivery

Modules Of Delivery

Highly customizable packages that cover all your business needs

Delivery Module One


Workstation that manages the entire operation of the delivery company and also controls the connected applications. Ainsoft Delivery Workstation is focused on very user-friendly features. Our features include.

Delivery Module Two

Customer App

Custom application that helps drivers complete deliveries more accurately and faster. Our client application features are,

Delivery Module Three

Driver App

It is a monitoring application delivered to business managers and administrators. Our driver app features are,

Delivery Module Four

Manager App

Ainsoft Delivery Manager Application designed to assist managers or admins of the company to manage various aspects of their operations, tasks or resources. It usually includes tools and features to help monitor and manage workflow and overall operations.

Delivery Module Five

Scan App

A Scanner Application for store staff to receive orders from the store and assign to the manager during the scanning process. After scanning, orders are assigned to the driver application based on the delivery form specified.

Delivery Module Six

Client Portal

Designed for customers to track orders and payments, as well as book shipments.

Delivery Module Seven

Driver Portal

Driver portal will help drivers to use delivery options without installing a mobile application, this can easily use on any web browser in phone.

Delivery Module Eight

Company Website

Ainsoft Solutions team has provided you great websites for your shipping company. We offer static website development and also develop mobile responsive pages. We are also experts in creating websites that add the most value to our potential clients.

Magtec Delivery

Trusted by 100+ Live Delivery Companies in UAE

Since 2016, we have introduced our native software to the local delivery industry in UAE. From the beginning until now, our main focus has been to support the smooth operation of local delivery companies by changing policies, offers, etc. In 2019, we introduced our new delivery solution called Magtec Delivery. It is a very flexible, customizable and constantly growing software.

When we introduced Magtec Delivery, the response from existing and new businesses was truly remarkable. This makes us regularly improve our solution based on research and user feedback. We are now the market leader in terms of quality, timely delivery, timely support, trust and better relationships with companies. We always treat all our customers as our king.

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