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Why Magtec is the No.1 Choice for Businesses

We are the number one site for DIY logo making software because customers love our tool and service. We make sure you get the branding your business deserves in the shortest possible time.


We Understand Business Needs

We are quite confident that we understand the branding needs of small businesses and startups. You will find all the essential branding designs that you need to create a new company that starts with the company logo.


Premium Quality Graphic Design

We only work with expert graphic and logo designer which is why you will always get professional and quality designs from Magtec. All of our logos, social media, stationery, websites, etc. make your brand shine!.


Work with Custom Designers

Not all customers like DIY logo making tools, so we also have a custom logo design option. Work with experienced and professional graphic designers or logo designers in person or through mass service, contact us!

Our Logo & Branding Processes

Easily create a logo for your brand

Use Magtec Solutions logo generator to create beautiful custom logo designs in just a few minutes.

Step One

Provide business details

Provide your company name and type of business, then tell us a little about what your business does.

Step Two

Choose your logo style

Choose the type of logo that best suits your business; you can choose a wordmark (logotype), a monogram or an iconic logo.

Step Three

Select your favorite fonts

Choose your favorite font styles to help our logo designer understand your brand personality better.

Step Four

Customize your logo design

Choose your favorite logo and then edit it. You can change fonts, icons and colors.

Step Five


We deliver your logo based on your valuable reqiurements.

Start a project with us

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